Cooling System

Las Vegas Cooling System:…

SS454 Auto Repair in Las Vegas knows that once
a cooling system suffers long-term neglect, it turns into an on-going source of
problems. Once corrosion takes place, the damage is difficult to reverse.

Cooling system neglect is cited as a principal
reason for mechanical failure of a vehicle. In addition to the danger and
inconvenience of a breakdown, the damage to the engine and transmission can add
up to thousands of dollars. Discovering a leaking radiator, hose connection, a
sticking thermostat or other cooling system component that’s on “borrowed
time” can save the life of one’s engine. Additionally, overheating can
damage valve guides, scuff pistons, crask cylinder heads, and crush head gaskets.

What We Do:

According to AAA, cooling system failures are
one of the leading causes of vehicle break-downs on the highway. Yet most of
these breakdowns can be prevented by the following preventative maintenance and
repairs that are available at SS454 Auto Repair in Las Vegas:

1. Check the coolant level, concentration and condition

2. Check for leaks

3. The entire cooling system is cleaned

4. Coolant is completely flushed from the system

5. We add fresh new premium coolant

6. Conditioners are also included to prevent rust and corrosion

7. BG Cooling System Sealer is included to prevent leaks

8. We inspect belts and hoses

9. If needed – we replace any parts that are found to be leaking or failing

10.  We check – and if needed – replace damaged or worn out water pump

How Often We Recommend This Service:

SS454 Auto Repair in Las Vegas recommends a
Cooling System Service every 12 months for standard coolant or 24 months for
extended-life coolant.