Fuel System

Las Vegas Fuel System:…

The fuel system feeds your engine the gasoline/diesel
it needs to run. If any one of the parts in the system break down your engine
will not run. Common problems associated with the Fuel System are a clogged
fuel filter, failed fuel pump, and dirty or clogged injectors. SS454 Auto
Repair in Las Vegas can inspect, clean, repair or replace any part of the fuel
system on your car or truck.

Our work on your fuel system can result in
reduced emissions, increased horse power, increased fuel economy and quieter
and smoother starts and idles.

What We Do

At SS454 Auto Repair in Las Vegas we take care
of the following:

1. Clean fuel injectors

2. Clean throttle body

3. Clean plenum and air-intake

4. Clean intake valves and port

5. Remove combustion chamber deposits

How Often We Recommend This Service

SS454 Auto Repair in Las Vegas recommends a
Fuel System Service every 30,000 miles. For more information on this service